Nayzia Thomas was not going to let something as trivial as delivering her baby prevent her from completing her school work.

The college sophomore is studying Psychology at Johnson County Community College in Kansas City, Mo., and became pregnant in the middle of the school year.  She actually stayed in classes until she was 39 weeks in, and originally planned on completing the school year, and then delivering her baby.

Of course, babies are going to go what babies are going to do!  Her son decided to come out a little ahead of schedule, and Thomas, determined to finish her course work, was left with no other option.

While IN LABOR, Thomas completed her final on dissociative identity disorder, and then gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  Thomas was working three jobs alongside summer courses when she found out she was pregnant.  There was no way she was going to put a halt to her education, though.  She told Yahoo, “School is so important to me.  I didn’t want [the pregnancy] to be in the way.  That’s what people expect.  You’re a teen mom, you’re a young mother.  That’s why my mom took that picture.  It shows [I] follow through.”

Congratulations, Nayzia!

Via Yahoo


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