Sophia Reed and her children just recently moved to Oklahoma City after her husband, and the children’s father, suddenly left her and moved to a different state.

With not a lot of money to her name, Reed planned to share a nice Christmas meal with her four children rather than try to purchase gifts she couldn’t afford.  Reed became increasingly worried however after she noticed her 13-year-old son Deaurius would disappear for hours on end with no explanation.

Sophia called the police, and when Officer Roland Russell met with Deaurius, he found out where he kept going each night.  Determined his family was going to have a proper Christmas, Deaurius would sneak out for hours on end collecting cans to raise funds for presents.  So far, he had $13.  Officer Russell decided to keep Deuarius’ plan a secret…from his mother at least.  He told the rest of the Oklahoma City Police Department, who together managed to raise $900 to buy gifts for Sophia and her children.

For Deaurius, there was no hesitation to try and do something for his mother for the holidays.  He told Oklahoma 4 News, “I just wanted to do something for my mama.”

If this wasn’t sweet enough, here’s an absolutely adorable video of 4-year-old Lauren opening her presents, posted by a member of the Oklahoma City PD!

Via People


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