Whether you celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends and family at home or maybe out and about at a bar, surely you’ve also seen the ball drop in New York. Maybe even in person. But the iconic ball in Times Square isn’t the only thing that’s dropping for this year’s celebration. From Boise to Memphis, here are 5 unique and strange items dropping across the country on New Year’s Eve.

Possum Drop in Brasstown, North Carolina

No seriously, a possum is lowered and celebrated on New Year’s Eve in this city. The annual event is held at Clay’s Corner, a convenience store owned by Clay and Judy Logan. The possum isn’t actually “dropped” but instead a plexiglass pyramid holds the live possum as it’s lowered from the roof of the store. Talk about a unique celebration!

Potato Drop in Boise, Idaho

This sounds like an obvious item to drop coming from the state of Idaho. It is Idaho’s signature event that also does good by the community by supporting local charities and organizations. A giant potato is lowered just in time for the countdown. The celebration takes place in front of the capital and includes live music and fireworks.

PEEPS Chick Drop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Home of the beloved marshmallow candy brand, PEEPS, it’s only fitting that Bethlehem’s New Year’s Eve celebration involves a 400 pound PEEP chick. The dropping of the chick is part of PEEPFEST, a 2-day family-friendly festival that includes live music, food, and fireworks, of course.

Guitar Drop in Memphis, TennesseeĀ 

You have to admit, although these items seem unlikely to some to serve as the year-end celebration, they also fit with their respective cities. Guitar Drop in Memphis, TN is no exception. A sweet guitar is lowered as the countdown begins and makes for a very rockin’ New Year!

Peach Drop in Atlanta, Georgia

Yes, a sweet peach is lowered in front of 120-year old Flatiron Building in downtown Atlanta. For those who have never heard of the tradition, it’s actually been going on since 1989! Ever year, an 800 lb peach is lowered as many ring in the New Year!


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