Not only are you wondering about what new year’s resolutions you will be giving a shot this 2018 but you are also wondering about bigger life changes… and that includes cutting off people from you life that are simply too unhealthy for you, too toxic, and meant to become “soo last year.”

So, here is a list of a few types of toxic people you should try to identify in your life and give them the boot! For the rest of this list go HERE.

  1. The Debbie-Downer: You need people that are going to be happy for you and awesome at celebrating your accomplishments and great moments with you. These people however can find the bad in even the best and most wonderful of situations! “Toxic people have a way of sucking the joy out of your good news and contorting your positive news into something negative,” marriage and family therapist Sheri Meyers says.
  2. The Gaslighter: These types of people are quick to confuse you and make your doubt yourself, feel insecure and just downright crazy sometimes. “Like all toxic people, gaslighters are insecure. These means are effective in getting their needs met but are incredibly damaging to relationships,” therapist Amanda Stemen says. “They may outright lie and deny it, no matter the proof, their actions don’t match their words, they intentionally confuse you, make you think you’re the problem, or turn others against you.”
  3. The User: These people demand so much of you without thinking much about what they should be giving in return. They are likable and can make you feel great just as long as it is convenient for them. “Unless meeting your needs directly benefits their narcissistic agenda, a user will only give you enough to ensure you won’t leave them as a future resource to tap,” psychologist Ryan Kelly says.
  4. The Dysfunctional Family Member: These are the members of your family that can end up hurting you the most by simply using the “we are family, so you have no choice” argument. But you do! They don’t want to change nor do they care about it because well they’re your family. “He or she is out of control and dragging you down the drain too,” Tina B. Tessina― psychotherapist and author of It Ends With You: Grow Up and Out of Dysfunction. “You’re not helping this person by letting them take advantage of you, disrespect you or use you. That’s called enabling. You have to back off.”

There’s four more!

Read HERE and get rid of these people ASAP.


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