You can expect New Year’s to be a hectic time for most folks, but probably not more so than for Carl Alewine and Tiffani Von Glahn.

The young couple was expecting, and their baby decided right at midnight on New Year’s was the perfect time to enter the world.  Unfortunately, Von Glahn and Alewine live about an hour away from their preferred hospital.  So they sped.  Alewine was going 95mph on the highway to get to the hospital in time, especially since the couple was previously informed that Van Glahn was a “high risk pregnancy.”  Due to the position their baby was sitting, a C-Section may have been required for a successful birth, so getting to the hospital was of the highest priority.

Going 95 on the highway, however, attracted a lot of attention.  Pretty soon, they were being pursued by a police car.  Alewine did not stop, so the police thought they were trying to make a break for it.  The couple wound up with around “20 police cars” behind them according to Von Glahn, and eventually they were boxed in and couldn’t proceed any further.

The couple pleaded their case, though Alewine was put in handcuffs for safety reasons.  When the police say Van Glahn was moments away from giving birth, they sprang into action.  Baby Anastasia was born right there in the middle of the interstate.

Despite concern over complications from the birth, both mother and baby are reportedly healthy and doing great.



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