It feels like the long awaited season 3 of ‘Rick And Morty’ just ended, and fans of the show are already clamoring for season 4.

The show’s creator Dan Harmon just sat down with Entertainment Weekly and pretty much confirmed he was about to begin work on the show’s fourth season.

“Now I’m about to do season 4 of Rick and Morty and want to prove that I’ve grown,” he said in the interview.

So when can we expect season 4 to air? Well if the show’s character Mr. Poopybutthole can be believed not for a “really long time”. That has been confirmed by the Adult Swim and ‘Rick And Morty’ Twitter accounts:

Though Harmon has admitted he is starting to work on the show’s fourth season, Show writer and producer Ryan Ridley told The Detroit Cast he would be surprised to see the show earlier than 2019. ““They really take their time. I never understood why everybody — all parties, Dan [Harmon], Justin [Roiland], and Adult Swim — didn’t get their s*** together, and make the show fast. I just don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m sure they all have their reasons,” he said in the podcast. “I’m just shocked that it’s taking – we got done writing season 3 in November of last year and here we are 11 months later. And then I know how long the show takes to write, let alone animate, so it’s just like, I’d be surprised if there was a fourth season on the air any sooner than 2019 – in late 2019.”

Perhaps around Christmas Time? Considering when you go back to Mr. Poopybutthole he said he could have grand kids and a bear by the time next season arrives. A ‘Santa Claus beard’.


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