Mike Sutter wasn’t going to let a little thing like thyroid cancer prevent him from completing his mission.

Last year, the San Antonio native vowed to eat tacos every single day, from all parts and regions of the city.  “There are streets in San Antonio where you could walk from taqueria to taqueria and never hit the ground.  There’d be these great spots that’d pop up and I’d be like, ‘We better add these to today’s list.’  These are places that aren’t yet on Google maps, or on Yelp, and for some, as far as I know, this was the first time they’ve been written about.”

The journalist documented his year of tacos for the San Antonio Express, and with just three months left to complete his project, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in October.  Still, he had no desire to slow down or stop.  Sutter told People, “I went in for surgery on a Tuesday, and I was back on my taco trail on Friday.  I went back Friday and went to eight taquerias that day—I wasn’t going to let it slow me down.”

Sutter would sometimes visit multiple taquerias in one day, beginning as early as 5;45am and ending as late as 11:45pm.  All in all, he consumed 1,387 tacos last year.  He completed his year, and admits, now he might have a slight case of “Taco PTSD,” though he already has his eyes sight on his next venture.  For 2018, Sutter is planning 52 weeks of barbecue!  Call us if you need a traveling buddy!

Via People


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