Shantelle and Wesley Dozier have been trying to get pregnant during much of the 15 years they have been together.

They were close to giving up and in the final rounds of their fertility treatment when they received the good news.  After almost two decades together, Shantelle and Wesley are finally expecting twins!  Shantelle told People, “We thought that that was it, it was our fourth try, we were going to be done.  We were throwing in the towel, and we thought we were never going to be parents.  I was expecting that it was never going to happen, and now to finally know we’re going to have our own family, it still feels unreal.”

The couple knew they wanted to reveal the good news to friends and family in a special way, so for Wesley’s mother Cynthia, they thought the best way to tell her would be to place a hot dog bun in the oven.  Shantelle says of her mother-in-law, “My mother-in-law is just a simple person who has a love of life.  We always play jokes with her.”  A bun in the oven pun?  It’s the perfect way to reveal the news to the good-humoured woman who always “rolls with the pranks the family plays.”

The only problem was when Cynthia discovered the bun in the oven, it didn’t really register what she was looking at.  In fact, it took a couple of minutes for her to figure out what she really was looking at!  It’s incredibly funny, and when she finally learns what’s going on, her heart absolutely melts and it becomes a super sweet moment the family will never forget!

How sweet!  Of the reveal, Wesley said, “It was one of the best feelings in the world.  We’ve been trying and waiting to say those words for so long.”

Via People


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