We’re a little cold down here there’s no doubt about that.  At least aren’t faced with dealing with FEET of snow everyday, unlike our friendly neighbors to the North.

As cold as it is down here, you can imagine what it’s like up in Canada, where it’s so cold, a man was able to create an almost life-sized car made completely out of snow.  Not just any car either!  He crafted a DeLorean DMC-12, the car made famous in Back to the Future, completely out of snow!

His car was so well made, he even had the local police confused!  The snow car was illegally parked, so a trooper was sent out to investigate, and it was so convincing, they had to call a second unit as backup!  When the police realized the car was fake, they wrote a fake parking ticket that read, “You made our night hahahahaha :).”

Unfortunately, the snow car was plowed by Montreal sanitation workers the next day, but at least it lived ling enough to give everybody a good laugh!

Via CBS News


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