In one of the most egregious acts we’ve seen in all of humankind, a Domino’s delivery man was captured on security footage eating the toppings off the pizza he was meant to deliver.

He was caught by the concierge working the front desk of the high-rise building, who was watching him ride the elevator to the customer’s floor.  The video shows that the delivery man didn’t even wait for the doors to fully close to crouch down and begin picking and munching on the toppings.  The concierge recalled, “I was like, ‘What the heck is going on?’  The person is like cheating his job.  Who likes to eat used pizza, right?”

Domino’s quickly apologized to the customers and fired the man after the incident.  Jeff Kacmarek, the company’s vice-president of marketing said in a telephone interview “We apologize to our customers, obviously we don’t condone this behaviour.  We have thousands of hard-working, good drivers, working for us every day and providing great service to our customers and it’s just unfortunate that this particular incident hurts them.”

Via CTV News


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