Last November, the charity group FairyBrick was the victim of a robbery, after 2,000 Lego sets were stolen from one of their mini-vans.  As the group aims to provide Lego sets to hospitalized children, this loss was devastating.

In order to help FairyBrick recoup their losses, people all over the world went live online performing and doing stunts in order to raise funds for the charity.  One of these men actually performed one of the most dangerous stunts of all time.

Virginia man Russell Cassevah attempted to break the world record….of walking across the longest path composed of loose Lego bricks completely BAREFOOT!  THere are few things in life more painful that walking onto a loose Lego brick in the middle of the night with no footwear protection of any kind.  And Cassevah did this voluntarily!

The previous record involved a path 85 feet long.  Cassevah’s was 120!

The video has been submitted to Guinness for an official review.  Cassevah hopes to raise $10,000 for FairyBrick by January 31.

Via Wavy


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