Man From Texas Going Viral For His Video With Tiger SharkAdmit it, part of you wants to do this.
Video Of Massive Boar Goes Viral, Dubbed 'Pigzilla'
Rowlett Garbage Collector Goes Viral For Performing Backflip Off A Mattress During RouteDemarian Henderson has been working as a trash collector on the backs of garbage trucks for the last three years.  
[VIDEO] Co-Workers Sings And Recites 'Happy Birthday' For Their Deaf Co-WorkerThis group of co-workers took their time to learn how to sing the whole Happy Birthday song for a co-worker who is deaf.
[VIDEO] Father Learns Daughter's Dance Routine So She Won't Forget And It Is Heartwarming
[VIDEO] Missouri Woman Catches Her Corgi Riding A Pony
Nurse Kat Lockler Has A Few Thoughts On The FluShe'd just finished a 12-hour shift on the job as an emergency room nurse, and she's now gone super viral with her advice for flu sufferers.
Family Caught With 9,000 Pounds Of Stolen Oranges In CarThat's a lot of fresh squeezed juice.
Mother Captures Toddler With Down Syndrome Singing Along With Sister Playing GuitarAmanda Bowman Gray asked her 11-year-old daughter Lydia to watch her younger brother Bo while she took a shower.
Husband's Sweet Reaction To Wife's Shaved Head After 20 Years Of Growing Dreads Is Marriage Goals!Even though Dawne Kirkwood had been growing her dreadlocks for twenty years, she decided it was time for a change.  
Live In DFW And Having Trouble Using Google Arts And Culture Face Match? Here's Why!There's no doubt your entire Twitter feed is probably filled with people all over the country trying out the Google Arts and Culture Face Match app.
Woman’s Cat Maternity Photo Shoot Goes ViralThe post has since gone viral with many sharing their amusement by this.

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