Elementary School Criticized For Segregating Students During Recess With "Pay To Play" Policy

January 12, 2018
A primary school in the United Kingdom recently announced a policy asking parents to pay a fee of £6 towards recess equipment. When the children ventured outside to play, they were separated into two groups, those whose parents had paid, and those who had not.  Those whose parents paid were allowed to use play with balls, jump ropes, toys and the like.  Those whose parents had not paid, were not. One parent has three children at the school, and chose not to pay the voluntary fee.  She told the BBC, "I was never made aware of the completely disgusting repercussions this would cause to my children."  She said the students, "were separated on to two playgrounds; one for the children whose parents had paid and on for those who hadn't," and her six-year-old daughter was "visibly upset" and couldn't understand why she was not allowed to play with the toys.  "She thought she had been naughty," the woman said. As a response, some parents started a petition against the policy, and gained over 1,500 signatures, calling out the school for segregation and "social and financial discrimination."  After the signatures were gathered, the school decided to get rid of the policy.  The school's chair of governors told the BBC, "We have listened to the concerns raised and will be ending the scheme with immediate effect.  We are a school that believes in putting our children at the heart of everything we do." Via BBC