Sylvester Stallone Is NOT Dead, Posted To Instagram To Say He's "Alive And Well"

February 20, 2018
Here we go again. Another celebrity death hoax. So far to date, Morgan Freeman has died numerous times, as well as Betty White, Kirk Douglas, and Bob Barker. In what might be his third or fourth time to die in the last few years, once again Sylvester Stallone has "died." Good news! He's not actually dead. That was just the rumor floating around on social media yesterday. The rumor was that Sly had been suffering from prostate cancer, but he thought he could beat it so his kept his illness a secret. Yeah, none of that is true. In fact, Sly is alive and well, even according to his Instagram account. The actor was forced to share a post of the lie and let fans know he's "still punching." His brother Frank, also posted the Instagram letting the world know his brother is alive. The pic that's been circulating of a sickly looking Stallone is nothing but fake hair and makeup from the set of Creed. He also posted this video... Ok, so are we all clear? Sly Stallone is A-OK!