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After Health Scare, Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood Reveals He's Cancer-Free

Last year, Rolling Stones guitarists Ronnie Wood revealed that he was diagnosed with lung cancer.
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An Accidental Text Ended Up Raising Over $40K For Kid With Cancer

A young woman set an innocent text to a wrong number, and ended up raising over $40,000 for a child with cancer.
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Brenna Huckaby Is Sports Illustrated's First Amputee Model

Beauty comes in all shapes and all sizes. In recent years, Sports Illustrated has come a long way from the typical size zero, blonde, swimsuit model.
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Terminally Ill Teen Fulfills Dying Wish Of Marrying High School Sweetheart

Less than a month ago, 19-year-old Dustin Snyder was told he had terminal cancer. He was given just weeks to live.
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Woman Has Balloons Implanted Under Face To Expand Skin For Birthmark Removal

23-year-old Xiao Yan was born with a rare mole covering her face.
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Jane Fonda Reveals Small Cancerous Growth Appeared On Lower Lip

During the appearance, Fonda was sporting a small bandage on her lower lip, which she soon revealed was due to the removal of a small cancer growth.
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Sons Create Adorable Music Video (Set To "Beat It!") To Celebrate Mom's Last Day Of Chemo

Last September, Julia Louis-Dreygus was diagnosed with breast cancer.
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San Antonio Man Fulfills Dream, Eats Tacos Every Day For A Year Despite Being Diagnosed WIth Thyroid Cancer

Mike Sutter wasn't going to let a little thing like thyroid cancer prevent him from completing his mission.
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