If You Think Bike Sharing Is Bad In DFW, Wait Til You See China

There's a bit of a love/hate relationship when it comes to bike sharing in DFW. While many like the idea of being able to pick up a bike virtually anywhere for a ride, there's an equal amount of people who aren't fans of bikes laying all around town.
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Married Couple Discover They Appear In Same Photograph As Teens 11 Years Before Meeting

Mr. Ye and Ms. Xue first met in 2011 and have been married five years now. They have twin girls together, and neither knew just how close they came to meeting each other 11 years before falling in love.
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Chinese Authorities Launch Crackdown Against Strippers At Funerals

Chinese authorities first attempted to halt funeral strippers in 2006, followed by a second campaign in 2016.
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Video Of Massive Boar Goes Viral, Dubbed 'Pigzilla'

This week the video of a giant wild boar rummaging through a dumpster outside a school in Hong Kong is going viral and rightfully so. Look at this thing! The video was uploaded by Facebook user Tu Dongdong with a caption that translates to "pig king". The video has been shared more than 4,700 times...
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